OFFICE HOURS: Telephone support is available during office hours (see our support hours and availability section below for details.)

VOICEMAIL: On occasions we can become very busy, so if you are not able to speak to the right person straight away, please do leave a detailed message and we will get back to you very promptly.  (If you don't leave a message you wont be in the queue and we can't get back to you.) 

365 / 24 / 7 URGENT ISSUES: For very urgent issues, you can also leave a message outside office hours as we do monitor them regularly, via iPhone.  If your query can wait until working hours however, that is appreciated and helps to ensure that genuinely urgent issues are dealt with promptly.

Tel: +44 (0)330 323 0010 local rate.


To raise a support ticket please CLICK HERE to go to our ticket system.  We prefer this method because it asks all the questions that we need to know, allows us to allocate the issue to the right person, maintains a log and ensures that get on with fixing the job for you as fast as possible.


User support is available from 9.30am to 4pm Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays and Christmas period.  Outside these hours we may still be available, but existing support issues from earlier in the day are given a priority and your query will normally not be responded to until the next working day. 

Most Caldes staff are able to offer support on all products, although occasionally a specialist consultant may be required.

Outside these times, if you have a very urgent issue, please leave a message or better, use the support ticket system (because tickets are emailed to all support staff) and we will get back to you ASAP. Also try our online knowledge base above.

Support is very much on a first come first served basis and an instant response is not always possible.  It very much depends upon what other queries have been raised that day. 


Support covers the following:

  • Technical issues that may be bugs
  • Queries about operating systems and where to find further documentation if necessary 
  • Advice on which documentation and where within that documentation you should look at for detailed explainations that will solve your issues
  • Quick answers to individual queries that will typically extend to not more than 15 minutes

Support does not cover the following:

  • Issues to do with your local set-up, such as where your files are stored, unless we host your environment
  • Multiple issues to individuals who have not read documentation, practiced tutorials or had training.
  • Issues to companies that do not have a paid up support contract (although if your support has just expired, we may offer some leeway, depending upon payment history.)


All products come fully inclusive of support, maintenance, replacement software and upgrades. 

For products purchased outright, this is for 12 months and then you automatically invited to renew at a percentage of your purchase price for another 12 months.  The percentage is higher if you do not renew each year.

For leased products this is fully inclusive for as long as you lease the products.


Training is available on all products. Please allow at least 2 weeks notice.

Online training videos and PDF manuals can also be developed for you, or click on the menus above to see existing training material.

Please see contact us on the phone number above for more information.

Please note that our 0800 number cannot be used for support, although you may be diverted to it if our phones are busy.


Please see the log in page of your software for emergency phone numbers and instructions or leave a message on our voice mail (as detailed above.)